Step 1

Begin by going to the following link.

PuTTY requires no installation, Simply download the program to the desired location, then run the program.

Step 2

Inside the blue box we have the host name (or IP), which is in this case. The Port is Port 22, which is the Secure Shell (SSH) port.

Optional: Upon filling out the necessary information, click Save to save this configuration for future use to quickly access the server. Select Load to use it whenever you wish in the future.

Click open denoted by the red arrow to establish the connection.


Step 3

After establishing a successful connection, you may be prompted with the box in the figure below. Press yes for this instance.


Step 4

Your logon name will be provided to you by your instructor. Type your logon name, then press enter.

After you entered your user name, a second prompt will appear asking for your password (also provided by the instructor). You will not see anything on the screen as you type, so this is normal. Carefully type out the password then press enter. If successful, you will be greeted by a welcome message.


You have successfully connected to the SSH server, congratulations!