File Transfer Protocol - FTP

This is a short tutorial on setting up the program FileZilla to connect to the IRSC Student Web FTP.

Step 1

Begin by going to the following link, then install the program.

Upon opening Filezilla, click the File Menu up on top, then site manager as shown by the red arrow in the figure below.


Step 2

Inside the Site Manager, click on "New Site" shown by the red arrow in the figure below.

The name does not necessarily matter. It is just something for self reference. In our case, I am naming this "Connection Tutorial".

Refer to the blue box in the figure below. The host address used for our FTP server is This is the host you will connect to. The port, 21, is the port used by the FTP protocol. This is usually okay to leave as it is unless instructed otherwise by your instructor or the Administrator.

Connect using the credentials provided by your Instructor in the User and Password boxes, your logon type will be set to Normal.

Upon verification of the information, press the connect button shown by the green arrow in the figure below.


If done correctly, you should get a successful connection to the FTP server. Congratulations!