Adobe Dreamweaver

Step 1

In the Dreamweaver toolbar, click Site.

Then click Manage Sites


Step 2

If you have not created a site yet, click New Site.


If you have already created a site, or want to change a site's properties, simply double click on a pre-existing site name.

In this example, we clicked New Site and then named it "My First Website."


Step 3

After giving your site a name, click on the Servers button on the left side of the window.

Then click on the "+" sign at the the bottom of the window to add a new server.


Step 4

Fill out the server page as pictured below, except put your student ID and password in the Username and Password fields.

Your Username is your student ID, with the letter in uppercase, and your password is your first and last initial in uppercase, followed by the last five letters of your student ID. For example, if your name was "John Smith," and your student ID was A12345678, then your username would be A12345678, and your password would be JS45678.

NOTE: You you may enter any name in the "Server Name:" field.


NOTE: You should also set the "public_html" as your root directory, as shown in the screen shot above.

When you have filled out the information correctly, click the Test button.

Step 5

If you filled out the server information correctly, you should see the following window.


After the successful connection test, click OK.

Then click Save on the "Site Setup" window, and then click Done in the "Manage Sites" window to close them and save your settings.

Step 6

Once you are back in the main Dreamweaver window, find the "Files" and "Assets" window. It is usually located in the bottom right corner.

Click on the button that looks like two wires being plugged together.

This will connect you to the server you setup in the previous steps.


Step 7

After you have connected, click on the button that looks like an arrow pointing upwards.

This will transfer your website files to the remote server.



At this point, you have transferred your files to the Web-Server.

You are now finished and should be able to view your website by navigating to the website's correct directory.