Bootable DVDs

This tutorial will show you how to create a bootable installation disk of Windows using Burning Programs. The program used in this example is a free program named "ImgBurn". This guide will walk you through the process of installation and then finally creating the DVD. This works for any Operating System, not just Windows.

Be sure to read each step carefully. Some free programs will ask you to install more programs unrelated to it while you install, this will also show an example of such and show you how to say no to the installation of those extra programs if you do not wish to have them.

Step 1

Begin by going to the following link.

This is a direct link to the file. Run the program when the download finishes. The first box that pops up will ask you to click next.


Step 2

On the next page that comes up in the installation of the program, you may read the terms and then press accept if you so choose. You cannot install unless the terms are accepted regardless.


Step 3

For simplicity, we are going to leave the default values on the next three screens as demonstrated by the figures below.

Ensure you match what is shown, then proceed to step 4.




Step 4

This page will ask you if you wish to install one of their extra programs. We will be declining this in order to avoid unnecessary programs from being installed.

NOTE: This type of situation ties into a lot of program downloads. As such, be sure to carefully read what is on the installation screen and do not mindlessly click next or agree to things that you may actually not want. This is a very good tactic to avoid junk/spyware programs from being installed. If you are unsure whether or one of the extras you are being asked to install is necessary for the program to work, consider the following to help you decide. The program here wants to install a toolbar named "Sendori" to your browser. Given the knowledge that this is DVD burning software, ask yourself if a toolbar for coupon savings is a necessary thing or if it is a junk program.


Clicking custom installation and deselecting "Install Sendori" in this instance will prevent installation. Some programs may say "Accept" or "Decline" instead.

Step 5

Your installation of the program will begin, and you will see the screen demonstrated by the figure below upon completion. You have successfully installed ImgBurn!


Step 6

Now that the program is installed, find the shortcut placed on the desktop or in the start menu to start the program. Select "Write image file to disc" in the menu denoted by the red arrow.


Step 7

Click the icon denoted by the red arrow to browse to your ISO file. Navigate to the location of your file you wish to burn and then select it.


Step 8

Ensure that your DVD burner is selected (green arrow).

Verify your correct ISO is selected, verify the burner is selected, then click the button denoted by the red arrow to begin the image burning.


You have now successfully completed the burning process. Your bootable DVD is now ready to be used to install your chosen Operating System.